Football News- Manchester City not among the greatest yet

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Former Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs believes that the Pep Guardiola's Manchester City must win more trophies to be considered one of the greatest clubs in England.


On this Sunday the Manchester City side won the first silverware under Pep Guardiola, they thrashed Arsenal at Carabao cup final by 3-0 goals, and also they are leading the table with 13 points, and they are ready to murk Chelsea’s 95 points in the 2004-05 campaign.


This season under the Spanish manager Manchester City has lost one match only out of 27 matches, and their wonderful form has seemed them mooted them as one of the best sides on EPL.

The former Red Devils legend who has won 13 EPL titles with them believes Manchester City can reach to that level if they can achieve consistence godsend in this current campaign.


In an interview, Giggs said: "I think everyone recognises the football that they're playing this year is high up there with some of the best we've seen in the Premier League era,"


"But I think to compare them to ourselves, Arsenal and Chelsea, you have to win multiple titles. You have to be consistent, not just one wonder season, which they are having.


"The way that they play this year, they're capable of doing that. It's up to the other clubs, the likes of United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham to do better next year and to challenge and see how they handle that."


According to the Wales manager, the real test will be for Manchester City will be if they can match up this season’s success with the title next year.


Giggs voiced: "It is difficult. We've just talked about the World Cup, which no one has defended since Brazil in '62. We felt that at United, there is that little bit of difference when you're coming up against teams that want to beat the champions – that pressure, it builds.


"Also for the players, you've got to ask them to climb that mountain again, and some can do it, some can't. It's a real test."