Football News-India finishes at 105th place at 2017


Football News

According to the latest FIFA rankings, Indian football team has finished at the 105th spot in the ranking table.

Indian football team stuck to their position from the last month and it is confirmed that this year they will finish at the 105th spot.

Last year, team India ended the year at the 135th spot on the FIFA rankings but this season they made a historic run of twelve months unbeaten streak and leapfrog to 105th position.

After 1993 this is team India’s highest ever year-end finish at the FIFA table,

In 1993 team India finished at the 100th place, after that the best ever result was finish at the 106th spot in 1999.

Amidst the teams of AFC (Asian Football Confederation), Indian football team ranked 15th,

Oman and Quarter just placed themselves before Team India, they are in the 101 and in the 102 ranks.

Team Indian were unbeaten for the last one year, and because of that they managed to finish this year in 105th rank,

They have lost their last match against Turkmenistan in world cup qualifiers in the year 2016, after that, they have been on an unbeaten run; in their last game against Myanmar, they drew the match by 2-2 goals.

The regaining world champions Germany holds the top spot in the FIFA Rankings, because of that they are awarded the team of the year award, and Brazil and Portugal are just sitting behind them in the ranking table.