Football News- Gabriel Jesus is our new Ronaldo- Dani Alves


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According to Dani Alves the youngster Gabriel Jesus is great and can reach the heights of Former Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

The PSG man Dani Alves tagged Gabriel Jesus as a new Ronaldo prior to their friendly game against England on Tuesday at Wembley.

In the recent past in Brazil’s friendly match against Japan Gabriel Jesus scored his eight international goals for them and he is set to be a star player for them in the next year’s world cup.

This season for the Manchester City side as well he has netted seven goals for them as well and because of that Dani Alves gave him the tag of New Ronaldo in Brazil.

Dani Ales voiced: "I wasn't joking when I called him the new Ronaldo. They have a similar drive,"

"He's already great and will get even better.

"For all that he's done, all that he's achieved, there's no pressure. He's doing what he loves."

Brazilian gaffer Tite supports Dani Alves Statement about Gabriel Jesus, and he added:

"Any player of Jesus' level really needs a team behind him,"

"An athlete of that level can only shine with the team and that's what we're hoping for here.

"Manchester City should be very happy with Palmeiras, who formed an athlete who was already prepared. He had a natural fluency when he arrived [in England]."