Football News: England playing with fear- Wright


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The youngster of Manchester United Marcos Rashford receives some accolades after his wonderful display for his national side where his other compatriots are facing criticism for uninspiring display.

Ian Wright believes that the Manchester United man Marcos Rashford is the only player on the pitch who didn’t seem petrified.

This season the English national side qualify themselves for the World cup 2018 Russia but still but still Southgate’s lads faced criticism after they nibbled in their journey and for their lack of inspiring display.

The former English striker thinks that the problems the new England manager Southgate is facing are: "I think he's been quite honest with them.

"I personally feel that what he should be trying to concentrate on now with England now where there is to pass the ball forward more. Players are playing with fear.

"We're talking about a kind of generation of players that from academy all the way up to first-team, there's hardly any pressure put on them.

"The most these guys get pressure is when they play for England.

"When you look at the way we used to qualify out of this group, I can't remember any game where we've played expansive, or not even expansive, just a positive game of football — people getting forward, having shots.

"Apart from Rashford, everybody else looks petrified."

In November the English football team will face Germany and Brazil the two heavyweights of International football and Wright thinks those matches will highlight the true conditions of England team.