Football News- Chelsea will ignore Mourinho-Conte


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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte thinks that player of both sides will focus on the game despite seeing their ex Manager on the touchline.

This Sunday there will be a showdown between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, and Conte believes his boys will not get distracted by seeing Mourinho at the opposite end and also Matic will not get distracted by seeing Conte.

The special one Jose Mourinho has won the premier league title with the Chelsea in his first spell and it was their title in fifty years with the Portuguese coach and after that, with his second spell with Chelsea he also won the EPL silverware with them, but now he is the gaffer of Manchester United.

Antonio is quite optimistic that during the match Mourinho’s presence at the touchline will not trouble Chelsea player as it will be same for Matic as well on the other end.

He said: “I think in this time, you see only opponents. An opponent. I think this is the right way,"

"It will be the same for Matic in the other side. I think he doesn't care.

"The most important is to play for your page, to play for your club, to play for your fans. This is the most important thing now. I don't want to answer this question [about Mourinho] otherwise you are ready to prepare your [Conte wants to be] number one [story about me].

"No, every coach has to put himself in his club and to try to become a really important coach for his club. I think every coach has the time, no, to spend at a club and the most important thing is to try and put all of yourself into the job in this time.