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The Italian legend Buffon announces his retirement after the post-match against Sweden last night at San Siro.

The Azzurri  Gianluigi Buffon step down from the international duty after Italy fails to qualify for the world cup 2018.

Previously the Juventus man indicated that he will step down from International duty after the extravagant world cup 2018, but now Italy was knocked out from the World cup 2018, after they drawn their second leg match at San Siro by 0-0 against Sweden, and on an aggregate of 1-0 Sweden through to the World cup.

Since 1958 this is the first time Italy missed the World cup event.

After that match against Sweden, the Italian international said he is not grieved because of the result but he thinks this result will have an impact on Italian football.

He voiced: "It’s disappointing,"

"Not for me, but for the football movement, because we failed at something that could've been truly important for the country. That is the only regret I have and certainly not that I am finishing my career, because time passes and it's only right.

"It's just a shame my last official game coincided with the failure to qualify for the World Cup. [But] there is certainly a future for Italian football, as we have pride, ability, determination, and after bad tumbles we always find a way to get back on our feet.

"I'm leaving an Italy side that will know how to speak for itself."

At the end of his day Buffon has 175 Italian caps in his name, and in his prolonged career he has won the world cup with them in 2006, and played more over five world cups with the Italian team and also four UEFA Euro cup and also two Confederation cup.