The 25 year old Manchester City attacking midfielder thinks that if they can have a faultless run in the EPL then they can close down the gap between them and the League leaders.


The 25 year old Belgium international is not ready to throw the towel yet as he thinks “football can go a little crazy”.

This season under Pep Guardoila the Manchester City’s EPL journey has not gone according to his plan but he thinks that still they have some chance to pull themselves up.

Now Manchester City is sitting at the fifth position on the table and they are 10 points aback from the league leaders.

But they are one point behind the second spot Tottenham and they are still in the hunt for the EPL trophy.

The 25 year old believes if they can have a good run in the Premier league then anything can happen.

In their last match they thrashed their opponents West Ham by 4-0, and after that match in a post match conference he told: “Football can go a little crazy sometimes,"

"They are far ahead but even if you lose three games and win three games you are there. So three games out of the 17 is nothing.

“So we just have to do our thing and not look at what Chelsea and the others are doing.

"If we win our games we will have a good place and hopefully the best possible.

“We are going to try. In the Premier League you have to be there every week.

"All the injured players are coming bad which I am very happy about as we have a lot of games with the league and Champions League.

“And we will need everyone. It will be very important to have series of wins to put pressure on the rest.”

In their upcoming premier league matches they have some winnable games ahead. In their Champions leaguer top 16 they will face Monaco.