The 31 year old Brazilian international and Manchester City midfielder bestowed his fellow team mate words of encouragement after his wonderful performance against Monaco.


Fernandinho avouched that they never doubted Aguero’s ability, though for some time he was benched by the Spanish manager.

In the year of 2011 the Argentine striker joined the Manchester City team and after that he was a productive player for them,

But this season the Spaniard coach Pep Guardiola sees him as a long part of the club and doubted have been emerged regarding him.

In the recent past Aguero has got benched by Guardiola after the young Brazilian Gabriel Jesus made a wonderful start of his life at Manchester City and but he picked up an injury and he might not able to play the rest games in this season and Aguero is back in the starting line for them.

After returning to the Manchester City squad Aguero played his first match in the Champions league against Monaco where he scored two goals for his side and also assisted one and the Manchester City side won the match by 5-3 goals.

After his wonderful performance against Monaco the Manchester City player claimed that they never doubted on his ability.

Fernandinho voiced: "Aguero is very important for us. His history at this club speaks for itself,"

"With the arrival of Gabriel Jesus and with him scoring goals and providing assists, Aguero ended up on the bench for few games but no one ever had doubts about Aguero's qualities.

"Against Monaco he showed it, not only by scoring goals, but also the way he played. Recovering balls, running, pressing, helping the team.

"For a team that wants to reach the Champions League final, which is our aim, we need that spirit, no matter who is playing, we need to do that.

"This year we are showing that on our games and Aguero more than anyone else embraced that idea, so we are very happy about it."