The 38 year old former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes that Pogba will get better with time and there is many things will come from him in future.


The defender believes that the Club and the Manchester United fans should remain calm and they should be patient with him.

The French midfielder shows some glance at the recent games and that proves that what he can do in his spells at Manchester United.

This season, the French midfielder was criticized in the earlier in the season by the Manchester United fans.

This season the Veteran striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is playing superb football for the Manchester United side and scored many goals for them, but in the midfield the French player was unable to produce that football.

The former Manchester United player thinks that Manchester United fans are expecting something magical from him because of his world record fees.

Ferdinand said: "Paul is being criticised but he's had an OK season at Old Trafford,"

. "We've seen glimpses of what he can do. It's now about him putting it together consistently, over 90 minutes and a whole campaign. I'm certain that will come.


"Pogba is hammered for not defending and not scoring enough. United didn't buy him to be a defender or to score 30 goals a season. They bought him on his form for Juventus, where he had a loose, almost free role in a three-man midfield. United invested in a creative player, somebody to come in, make chances and be the dictator of the team.


"I'm confident he will get there. The team around him is still coming together. I see a progression. They're playing football their supporters want to see, but Jose Mourinho knows there's some shuffling of the pack and investing to be done, players to get out and others to bring in. Only after the next transfer window can we say this is a Mourinho squad."