Ibrahimovic’s only goal against Zorya helped the Manchester United to secure their 2nd win in the European clash, but the forward is not happy with the overall performance of the club.



He is not at all consented by the way his team is showing off their game after they registered the win against Zorya with 1-0, with Ibrahimovic securing the win in the second half.



At present Manchester is 3rd on the list following Fenerbahce and Feyenoord, and with their captain Wayne Roooney still on the bench.



Zalatan has scored for 7th different clubs in the European league and he is finding it difficult to cope up with the new outfit.



"It was not an easy game," Ibrahimovic told BT Sport. "We played good and created some chances but it was a difficult game.



"If you don't score early the spaces get smaller and you have to find a way to score. After the goal, we had more space but it was a decent game. We won and that is what counts after losing against Feyenoord [on matchday one].



"If you want to go through you need to win the game and we won. We could do much more, I expect more from the team but we are playing well.



"We had a good game, we won, it's good for confidence. We need to step it up and do a lot more."



"We play as a team," the Swede said. "We create as a team. We are trying. Sometimes we create a lot and sometimes we create less.



"The important thing is to create chances and be focused for when the chance came – and when it came it went in."