The Belgium international thinks that he cannot lead his country like his club captain John Terry leads the Blues as they are prepare to face the Estonia in their next world cup qualifiers match.


The 25 year old winger will lead his country for their next couple matches as their main man Vincent Company was in their squad ,but the Belgium handed him{Harard} the captain arm band for their next matches and they will face Netherlands on Wednesday and then they will face Estonia in their World cup qualifying matches.

Hazard has some high hopes for leading his country at this moment and but he fells unwilling to thinks him as a captain when his club team mate Captain john terry will be the with him as a same squad.

 "It's good to be the captain, I enjoy this," Hazard said. "I try to be a leader on the pitch, maybe it's new for me now, maybe one year I'm the captain.

"I want to lead Belgium to the World Cup. I want to win something with the country, I hope we will, but it's too far now."

And questioned if he thinks about to take the responsibility of becoming the Chelsea captain he replied: "I don't know, we will see.

"John Terry is still there. I don't want to touch John Terry.

"I can't be like John Terry, I can't be like him. As a captain I don't talk too much, I try to talk with my feet on the pitch. This is my job."

The 25 year old Belgium has scored five goals for his side in the last five games for his side under the Italian boss Antonio Conte and he is enjoying the new formation that the coach is using for Chelsea right now, but also thinks that this formation he has some certain role for his club.

The 25 year old added: "With Chelsea I just need to focus on my offensive work, and defensively the wing-back is there to defend. I think this is the change."