The Belgium international admits in is teenager stage he rejects the Manchester United and also in 2014 he snubbed the Bayern Munich side to join the Liverpool side.


The 21 year old youngster revels that back in his Lille’s day he snubbed the Manchester United side and also the Bayern Munich side to Joins the Reds.
In the past when Origi was 15 then he snubbed the Manchester United side to join the French side Lille and in 2014 the German Munich side also tries to bring the attacker to the Allianz Arena but he also rejects the offer.

The 21 year old Liverpool star added:

“I started with the national team at under-16s. It was a very good year for me, a lot of scouts were coming to my dad. I heard Manchester United wanted to sign me, some Italian clubs and German clubs.

“I visited Lille’s training centre. I was amazed how good it was. I saw how Eden Hazard had grown from young player to big player winning the league with them and that was something very nice. They have a very good reputation at developing young players.

He also said that he heart told him to join the French side Lille, and he also reveals that at that stage his father also suggest him to join the Lille side. 
In this season the 21 year old youngster is in brilliant form and he made 15 appearances for the reds this season and netted 5 goals for them in all the competitions.

He voiced:

“There were offers from everywhere. Bayern were interested, all these clubs. But I came to Liverpool, I saw the facilities, I took some time out of my vacation to visit Melwood and speak with (then manager) Brendan Rodgers.

“When I came in, everyone knew my name, they knew who I was and they were looking at a video of me even from the under-15s. They knew about my qualities and when I saw the values of the club – passing, pressing, fast players – I was like: ‘this is the place I want to go.’