The Proven difference between Soccer and Football

Soccer vs Football

Is Soccer and Football are same sports or People call it by different names in different countries, to clear the Soccer vs Football doubt lets found out the basic difference between Soccer and Football.

Football is one of the most entertaining and thrilling sports in this world, this beautiful game has been loved by most of the population this world , in almost most of the countries have their own football leagues, some famous football leagues in the world are English Premier league,Spanish La Liga and Serie A and many more are there, but still in many parts of the world this beautiful game referred as a soccer, depending upon where you live in this world, in most of the part of the world it refers as Football and in America, people called this beautiful game as Soccer.

Though in America people love to watch American football and it is the most popular sport in America, and in the other hand Football is one of the most popular sports in this world and, the mega event of this game which is held by the football governing body FIFA held once in every quadrennial year, it is the most viewership event in the world which exceeds the viewership of Olympics as well.

There was a never-ending debate that is still on about the difference between Soccer and Football and  though the game is the same people called it by different names in different parts of the country.

Difference between Soccer and Football: Now let’s understand how this word football originated:

The world football gets originated from Britain and it portrays any one of several sports or any ball used in any respective sports, depending upon the geographical locations people called it different names.

The word Football originated from Ulgham, Northumberland, England in the year of 1280, A boy named Henry while playing the ball ran against Devis, and in the year of 1308, there was a documented video of John McCrocan at Newcastle.

The name of the game Football or “Foot” “Ball” originated in the reference of action of where the ball needs to hit by feet is one of the first etymology and though there is another explanation for this word which originally referred to various of games in Europe.

which played by feet, in some other cases the word Football has been used which involves carrying a ball and specifically banned kicking.

 In the dictionary of Oxford says that the word football got registered in the dictionary used to describe a game in 1424 in an act forbidding it

And it was used as a verb in the year of 1599 and though the dictionary indicates that it is a mix of foot and ball and also suggests that the ball is one of the most important factors in the game.

Soccer vs Football

Difference between Soccer and Football: Why Americans called it Soccer, not Football:

The word Soccer is invented from Britain and only British people stopped calling it nearly 30 years back according to many sources and many say it is simply American ignorance, the reason they don’t call it football.

In the medieval age, few British universities took the football and started playing their own version and their own rules to the game, to set the standardization of the game across the countries, the games got categories with different organizations with different names.

Though there are different variations of the name and one variant of it where people use their hands to play this game and it’s called American football and on the other hand the game got the name Association football after the organization comprised to promote the game in 1863.

After the two sports spread across the world, Americans used to call the beautiful game like soccer, though the name was given by the British people only, they stopped pronouncing the name just because of American significance.

So if you are in America or an American born so it is not wrong to pronounce this beautiful game as Soccer and not Football. And the debate between Soccer vs Football will keep on rising.