The 23 year old Totenham midfielder is confident that his side can finish in the top four of the league, but he knows they will have to face many obstacles for that.


The 23 year old English international Eric Dier outlined Tottenham’s aim for the rest of the season and also knows that they have to fight hard for the Champions league squad.

In this Saturday the Tottenham side faced a defeat from the Liverpool side by 2-0, and they are sitting in the second position on the EPL table they are 10 points aback from the Chelsea side.

So far in this season 25 games played and only 13 games left for them and he knows that it is a very difficult job to hold their position on the top four of the table but he is confident that they can do it.

He said: "It is very tight, it is going to be a fight until the very end,"

"There are lots of very good sides, including us, fighting for it. We are going to keep focusing on improving and hopefully we will be in the top four."

Eric Dier is not happy with his side’s performance against Liverpool side and he thinks that they need to do more in their upcoming games.

The Tottenham player knows that at this stage they cannot slip now as every game is crucial for them now, 

Also in this season they have lost only 3 games under Mauricio Pochettino.

He added: "I think we still need to improve in all areas. We have never not said that,"

"We still have a long way to go and we need to keep improving and working hard.

"There is lots of stuff we can still improve on. We can't just talk about it, we need to do it."