The 25 year old Manchester City star thinks that his team has not forged the equal remembrance in Europe as their antagonist in England.


Kevin De Bruyne understand that his team does not have the European pedigree to compared with the teams like Manchester United and Liverpool,

but he is determined to do write a new history for the Sky Blues in the European football by winning the Champion league for them.

Last season the Manchester City team reached to the Champions league semi final where they lost their match against Real Madrid and that was the first time when they reached to the Semi final.

This season they will face Monaco in the Champions league round of 16, and in the first leg the Ligue 1 outfit will play against them in their home ground,

The Belgium international knows that in that match, they have to do something special to beat their rivals and take an advantage from that match for the second leg,

They need to display something good against them if they want to be spoken of in the same time with English football heavyweights.

De Bruyne said: "People talk about teams like Man United and Liverpool, with the history they have,"

"Obviously they are great teams and you cannot compare us to them because we didn't have the time that they've had already for doing what they did in the Champions League.

"They've been there for multiple years and we've only been there for five or six years. We need the same amount of time to compare to them in the Champions League.

"For me [history means] nothing, but for a lot of people in the world it means everything. That's why people are talking about Man City a little bit less than they do the other teams.

"Everybody in England will be very proud about the English teams achieving a lot in Europe, but we also want the chance to try that.

"If we do it for another 50 years and then we have a couple of Champions Leagues, people will maybe also look differently at us."

This season the Belgium international has scored only five goals for them in his 32 appearances but, believes under Gunardiola he became a more complete footballer.