The English striker has been criticized and some of them are saying that about him that he is not a team player.


The 27 year old Liverpool striker has faced criticism throughout his life because of his work rate on the field.

But under England new interim manager the Reds attacker has stared all three games for his country and he also helped his national side t won their matches against Malt and Scotland  but he faces a lot of criticism after their match against Slovenia where he was standstill most of the time.

And he was questioned that he did not take that much of a work load for his team he relied:

"I don't worry about that, it's an unfair opinion.

"I feel that I contribute to the team with assists and goals. It doesn't really matter what people say to me."

Ha also believes that his team benefit from his ingle minded tactics and he believes chasing around the ball thought-out the game would be destitution of duty.

The 27 year old explained:

"It's about positional awareness at the end of the day,"

"My job is to score and my job is to create for the team and coming into the midfield positions is maybe too deep.

"I feel that if I'm coming short and I'm trying to get involved in the game then there's no-one up front in the forward positions.

"It's important to have a focal point of the team. If I drop deep and come on the ball, do skills and take people on there's no one in the centre-forward position.

"That's where I need to be, in between the lines, threatening the centre-halves, pushing them back and creating space for the other people.

"Sometimes I have to drop in there to maybe give them a different picture to create more problems but, again, it's about being in the box. That is where I need to be."