Cristiano Ronaldo body secret unveils

The Juventus man Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most iconic stars in the football world and a youth proclaimed leader and a motivator to many people, people adore him not only because of his playing skills because of his personality, but looks also, and Ronaldo body has been into contention from his United days.

There is no other player is there in the world who has drawn more credits for his physical qualities and attributes and to his dexterity than the Portuguese man.

Last summer he joined the Serie A giants Juventus from Real Madrid for a fee over 100 million, now that is a great amount to shell out on a 33 years old player though the Old lady side taken some outrageous decision to go for him, in his medical show at Juventus the reports suggests that the UEFA cup winner has a physical capacity of a 20-year-old boy and he can pose the same amount of physical pressure on the field as a player who is 13 years younger than him.

However it was not always been this for the talisman, before reaching to this glory he was just a regular skinny, buck-toothed boy from Portugal who represents Sporting in his early days, then at the age of 18 he joined the English giants Manchester United under the legendary Alex Ferguson and at that moment he looked quite different than how he looks now, Cristiano Ronaldo body transformation along with his footballing skills are inevitable since then.

In his Manchester United time, he has won many accolades with the EPL giants and he has won many individual awards as well, also in his United days’, he became the first player to win the Ballon d’Or winner after the legendary Gorge Best.

In Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo began to reach his full maturity in terms of footballing skills, and learned how to manage the exhaustive physical pressure in EPL, and depicted a leaner building muscle on his upper body to tackle the demand of the European top team pressure.

Cristiano Body has been the talking point for many youngsters who wants to build their stature just like the famous athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo diet and workout has been the key point of his success in the game of football.

With his vigor, the CR7 body turns the head of many football fans by this time for his club and at the international level, his personal profile starts to build in a rapid way.

No wonder everyone will be dying to know the secret of how to get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo, here we unveil the answer:

Cristiano Ronaldo Body Secret:

1)What does Cristiano Ronaldo eat?

Food is the main mantra to build a body like Cristiano Ronaldo’s body, in his football habits the Portuguese superstars kick away sugar, CR7 takes six meals in a day, apart from his Protein shakes and his supplements and food is the key ingredient of Cristiano Ronaldo muscle.

Cristiano Ronaldo diet is a tough one to follow for the commoners, on a regular day basis the diet that he follows are:

At breakfast time he takes fruit juice and egg white with some whole grain.

At lunchtime, he loves to have some chicken with some salad, green veggies, and baked potatoes.

For brunch, he takes tuna fish with fresh juice.

And ends his diet with some rice with chicken and fruits and beans.

The 34-year-old quotes: “A good workout must be combined with a good diet,”

“I eat a high protein diet, with lots of wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods.”  

The Cristiano Ronaldo diet Chart Follows:


  • Whole-grain cereal: When on a strict diet, Cristiano Ronaldo sticks to healthy food like whole-grain or whole-wheat.
  • Egg whites: Again, we’re still in training mode here.
  • Fruit juice: Ronaldo might generally avoid sugar, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking vitamin-rich fruit juice for breakfast. His favorites include pear, apple, and pineapple juice.
  • Coffee: He reportedly drinks regular coffee, European espresso, and lattes.
  • Cold Cuts: When he’s adopting a more liberal nutrition program, Cristiano Ronaldo goes all out for breakfast. That sometimes includes a tasty spread of cold cuts.
  • European cheeses: In Europe, you eat cheese with your cold cuts for breakfast, especially when you’re staying in a luxury hotel.
  • Pastries: Based on a photo he once posted to Instagram, Ronaldo doesn’t necessarily stick to his no-sugar program on a regular basis. It was quite the breakfast of champions.
  • Avocado toast: We don’t know if Ronaldo ate everything in the aforementioned photo, but if he did, it was a lot of calories to burn throughout the day.
  • Fruit: His legendary meal also included fruit on top of toast.


    • Fish: When eating a filet of fish, Ronaldo most often prefers gilt-head bream, swordfish, or sea bass.
    • Chicken: It’s lean and packed with protein. Enough said.
    • Whole-wheat pasta: If you’re going to eat pasta like Ronaldo, make it whole-wheat pasta.
    • Green vegetables: The benefits of green veggies speak for themselves.
  • Tuna fish with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes: Here’s a dish that Ronaldo once posted to Instagram. It even came with a side of fried calamari.


  • Bacalhau à Brás: This Portuguese dish is Ronaldo’s favorite food.
  • Steak: When he’s had his fill of seafood, the football legend enjoys a hearty slab of steak.
  • Side salad: No steak dinner is complete without at least one side.
  • Chicken or turkey breast: When sticking squarely to a healthy diet, Ronaldo opts for lean protein with a side of rice and beans or quinoa.
  • Watermelon – Mmmm…watermelon.
  • A glass of wine: Ronaldo mostly avoids alcohol, barring the occasional glass of vino.

2)How do Cristiano Ronaldo workout:

Adhering the routine workout is a key to build a body like Cristiano Ronaldo’s body, to achieve that chiseled body he has put his nose to the grindstone, moreover the Portuguese man tries to make his workout for a shorter period of time to make it a habit.

The Juventus sensation is desirably shredded, but his work out plan is not solely designed for aesthetics body shape, to get the sculpted claves like the Portuguese ace now we can watch the glimpses of Cristiano Ronaldo’s workout in Nike+ training club application. In that 15 minutes of the video the Nike training giving strict bodyweight exercise teardrop thigh and hone the strength of the Portuguese 

In the gym Cristiano Ronaldo’s main workout to split between cardiovascular training, such as running, weighing, before his work out session he always does a warm-up to reduce the risk of injury.

Ronaldo Body transformation may look easy but it is the result of dedication and pure determination by the Portuguese superstar.

He quotes: “In training we do a few laps of the pitch, stretching and cardio warm-up exercises,”


“Make sure you do something similar in your training, even if it is jogging to the gym or a warm-up on the treadmill or bicycle.”


On the field the Portuguese star man always focus on the drills to gleam the match situations, Ronaldo elucidates: “We do a lot of sprinting drills in training and they can be incorporated into your workout whether you are in the gym or outdoors,”

Cristiano Ronaldo fitness workout is such:

Monday: Circuit Training

    • Barbell Squat:8 reps
    • Box Jump:10 reps
    • Broad Jump: 8 reps
    • Jumping Lunge:8 reps each leg
  • Lateral Bound:10 reps

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Circuit Training

      • Burpee Pullup:10-15 reps
      • Bench Dips:20 reps
      • Pushups:20-30 reps
  • Medicine Ball Toss:15 reps
  • Push Press:10 reps

Thursday: Quad and Cardio

  • Power Cleans:5 reps per set for 5 sets
  • Sprints:200-meter reps per set for 8 sets

Friday: Ab Workouts and Core Exercises

    • One-Arm Side Deadlift:5 reps each arm per set for 3 sets
    • Dumbbell One-Legged Deadlift:10 reps per set for 2 sets
    • Knee Tuck Jump:10-12 reps per set for 3 sets
  • Overhead Slam:10-12 reps per set for 3 sets
  • One-Leg Barbell Squat:5 reps per set for 2 sets
  • Hanging Leg Raise:10-15 reps per set for 3 sets

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Cardio exercise

  • Rope Jumping:10 sets with 1 minute of rest between each set
  • Resistance Sprinting:50 meters per rep for 10 sets

3)What are the other secret things does Ronaldo do?

It’s not always the physical challenge but a mental too, to clear his mind often the superstar hit the swimming pool to clear his mind, he accepts that swimming helps him the event go though in his mind and then that fades away with time, according to him swimming is the best stress buster that he does when he underwent pressure situations.

The prolific attacker says: “Learn to train your mind as well as your body,”


“Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.


“Be disciplined. Keeping yourself motivated and sticking to your routine is key. For me, there is no room for easing off so I have to be strict.”