Cristiano Ronaldo 7: Kane cannot be compared with Ronaldo yet- Ginola


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Today at Champions league both of the world’s best attacker will fight against each other when Tottenham will tackle Real Madrid.

According to the former Tottenham player David Dinola the Real Madrid Talisman is far ahead than Tottenham’s Harry Kane, and at this stage, Harry Kane should not be compared with Cristiano Ronaldo 7.

In the recent past the comparison between Harry Kane and Ronaldo is been intensified and for this match, both the teams have locked down their horns.

In their last meeting Cristiano Ronaldo7 was on the scoresheet and today Harry Kane will try to take advantage of a home condition and put his name on the score list.

Though Harry Kane is now considered as a one of the games best forward in today’s generation still Ginola believes that it is too early to compare him with Ronaldo.

He said: You can’t compare Harry Kane to Ronaldo…yet.

“Even the qualities are not the same. Ronaldo is about pace – I’m not saying that Harry Kane is slow, but he’s not the same kind of player.”

Jan Vertonghen Harry Kane’s Tottenham teammate said about the striker::

“Harry for me is one of the best No 9s in Europe, maybe the best. He shows that every week and I wouldn't swap Harry for any player at the moment."

Some Football Pundits believes that Harry Kane is the successor of Ronaldo and in some stage of his career, he will join Real Madrid.

But still former Tottenham player believes that Portuguese ace Ronaldo is a class of his own at present.

He said: “You could swap Harry Kane for Ronaldo, obviously, because Ronaldo will do some great stuff for Spurs and Harry Kane will do the same for Real Madrid.

“But, on the other hand, Ronaldo has done so much for the game and he works so hard. All the credit to him because for the last five or six years, even more than that, since he played football, every year he is sending the right message to youngsters – if you want to stay at the top, you need to work really hard.”