Cristiano Ronaldo 7: I want seven children and seven trophies


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The Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo 7 denies the criticism that of his lack of scoring form for Real Madrid, and also insists that he brings more to Real Madrid than just goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo 7 insists that he wants to have seven children and also seven Ballond'Or awards to his name.

In the recent past, the Portuguese superstar has his fourth child and also expected to win the Ballon d’Or award in the next month, which will increase his Ballon d’Or tally to five.

This season the Real Madrid superstar has faced some criticism because of his inability to put the chances into goals, this season Cristiano Ronaldo 7 has only managed to score one goal for Real Madrid.

In an interview, the 32-year-old said that he is more than to the team just than scoring the goals, and insists that this season he is calm now after this slow start.

He added: "I'm happy and I feel good, you have to stay calm and keep working, because you can obviously do better,"

"You look at me as a goal machine, like a guy who has to score all the time. If that's not the case, everybody does not care if I know I have played well or not.

"I am only judged on scoring, which is sometimes not always the most important thing.

"I accept the criticism, but I do not agree. That's why I avoid reading or hearing what is said about me.

"But, I have no choice but to accept it, I cannot control the world."

 In Champions league this season the superstar has managed to score six times in his four games.