Cristiano Ronaldo 7: I am More than a just a goal machine


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The Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo 7 persist that scoring goals for Real Madrid side are not just the only factor in his life.

This season the 32-year-old just score one goal for Real Madrid in their domestic league but he is not ready to accept his poor form for Real Madrid, and he also says that his form in front of the goal didn’t displease his life at Real Madrid.

Since moving to the Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo 7 scored 25 goals at least for them in each season and in 2014-15 a No of 48 goals.

This season Ronaldo and Madrid are not in a good shape, right now Madrid is sitting at the third spot in the La Liga table and they are eight points behind than their Arch rivals Barcelona.

Because of his form, some rumors suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo 7 is unhappy at Real Madrid but he says that right now he is very happy with Madrid.

Ronaldo said: "I don't agree with what people are saying about me,"

"People don't know the difference between playing well, playing okay and not scoring goals.

"I'm looked at as a goal machine, like a guy who has to score all the time. If that isn't the case, nobody cares if I've played well or not, I'm only judged on scoring.

"I accept the criticism, but I don't agree with it. That's why I avoid reading or hearing what is said about me. But I have no choice but to accept it; I can't control the world."

This season Real Madrid face defeats against Girona and Real Betis and that gave them an uphill challenge this season to protect their title but Cristiano Ronaldo 7 is not worried about that.

He voiced: "The team? We're playing pretty well; not perfect, but good! I'm happy and I feel good. We dropped some points in the league but, in the Champions League, we're okay.