There is no comparison between two of them. Ronaldo is a great player but, Messi is one step ahead. The Barcelona defender Jordi Alba explained that his teammate Lionel Messi should win the FIFA Ballon d’or 2016. 

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According to Alba, many players have won the world cup, Euros or champion league trophies without contributing anything but in the end the thing matter is what a player does on the ground, what was the player contribution and the Barcelona defender believes that Messi did much more thing on the pitch and he has been the best.


Real Madrid star forward Cristiano Ronaldo has recently led his national side to the final of the UEFA Euro 2016 and also won the title after defeating host nation France and he is believed to be in the top of the names to pick the FIFA Ballon d’or 2016 award. But Alba feels like Ronaldo’s performance and contribution on the pitch was not much better to win the biggest title of the football world and he believes Messi has been the best.

In an interview, Alba said, “Many substitutes have won the Euros, World Cup or Champions League without contributing anything. In the end, it's what a player does on the pitch that counts and Messi has been the best," 

"There is no comparison between the two of them. The debate will always be there and you have to respect Cristiano. It would be foolish not to respect him. He is a great player. But whoever likes football will think Leo is the best.

"What gives Messi an extra dimension is that he always remains calm. Whatever happens, nothing affects him and the way he plays.

"He is a star, the best in the world and he shows it year after year.”