Crazy Number of clubs wanted me: Sancho

The 18 year old youngster took the decision to leave England and join the German league and now he is enjoying an ethereal rise to prominence.

European big guns are ready to battle for the 18 year old forward.

The Englishman Jadon Sancho says that it was crazy how many club wanted to sign him as he is prepared to leave Manchester City,and also at the same time he is delighted that his risk of 2017 leaving Man City pay off  after heading to the German giants Dortmund.

In Manchester City his path to play in the first XI got blocked he took the decision to face a new Chllange in Germany,

He has seen a heavenly rise in his early days at Dortmund and now he is one of the key component of chasing down the Bundesliga title.

He is felling pleased to see that his bold being rewarded , the 18 year old was telling that in his career crossroad he found himself at: “Why Dortmund? It speaks for itself: youngsters get opportunities.

“It was crazy how many clubs wanted me – it shows how well you’re doing, but I always felt Dortmund was right for me.

“A few people weren’t sure when I first told them about Dortmund, but I felt this was the best journey for me. Just try it, you know? I like trying new things, so it didn’t really faze me.

“A few asked me, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ but I never thought about that. And look at how it’s worked out now.”

This season so Far the English international ahs scored seven goals and made 10assits in his outing in Bundeliga and Chalpions league.