According to Craig Bellamy, it is nigh on impossible for the Brazilian o stay at Liverpool. After the Catalan team had made their second £90.4m offer for the Brazilian attacker rejected.


Liverpool side runs over their stance that Coutinho is not for sale. But the former Reds player Bellamy thinks it is improbable for Coutinho to stay at Liverpool this season.

Bellamy voiced: "Liverpool are going to stay firm, but it's still early in the transfer window, and how long can they stay firm for?

"No supporter wants to hear this, everyone thinks their team is the biggest, and rightly so, but this is Barcelona. If they come calling, it's very difficult for players to turn down.

"This is Coutinho, who has the opportunity to play with Lionel Messi, the best player to play football, to go to one of the best clubs in football. How can you look him in the eyes and tell him this isn't an improve him? To tell him this isn't what you deserve?

"This is the difference. With Liverpool you've got the chance of competing in the Champions League with Liverpool, or there's a chance of realistically going to win the Champions League with Barcelona. It's nigh-on impossible to turn them down."

Phill Neville also thinks that Coutinho’s move to Barcelona is inevitable this season as he thinks when Barcelona come calling players always go there; also he believes Liverpool could be even better off without the Brazilian attacker if they manage to work well in this transfer market.

He added: "It's happening, it's going to happen isn't it? But it's just about how much they can get.

"I think he'll want it now. It's Barcelona; when they come, you go. I think he's good enough for Barcelona, he has the characteristics, skill and technique to fit in there.

"But did they miss him that much when he was out injured? I know he scored 14 goals but if they got £100m, reinvested and bought someone, say Diego Costa, I think that would give them a better chance of winning the league than having Coutinho in the side."