The Everton side lost their last premier league match back in December in the previous year against the Liverpool side after that they lost a single match in the  Premier league but the  Liverpool star has no fear.


In the second half of the season the  Everton side is having a wonderful run in the   premier league and in this Saturday  they  will take down the Liverpool side,

The young Brazilian Coutinho is confident that his side will win their match against the Everton side in the Derby.

Under Ronald Koeman, the Toffees are playing impeccable football in the second half of the season as they won eight matches in their last twelve matches.

Everton is pushing hard to get a spot in the Europa league as they are right now sitting in the seventh spot on the table and they are just two points aback from the Manchester United side and on the other side the Reds are eager to finish on the Top four of the table as they want to book their place in Champions league.

Though the Everton side is playing some wonderful football in their last few matches but the Liverpool man said their position in the league is more relevant.

Coutinho said: "I don't think about [Everton's form] or worry about that,"

"Right now, Liverpool is higher in the league, that's the reality and that's all we have to think about

"We will be ready. The derby is a very special match for everyone, the fans and the players.

"We know what it means. The people of Liverpool live this match with so much emotion and this time it is even more because Everton have improved so much in recent weeks.

"We know it won't be easy, but we know we have to win, for our fans, for our morale and for everybody."