Coutinho Names Two Players Who Can Dethrone Messi and Ronaldo

Brazil international player Philippe Coutinho believes that in the upcoming Russia world cup Mohamed Salah and Neymar will stake their claims to be the world’s best player.

Football news: Both the players have the ability to disrupt the dominance of Messi and Ronaldo, says Coutinho

The Barcelona attacker feels that both Salah and Neymar would elevate themselves to the top of their respective games when the world cup commences.

However both the players will be starting the high prestigious tournament with injury concerns. Salah had little time to get fit after hurting his shoulder in the Champions League final, while Neymar had not played since February after fracturing his foot.

Coutinho had played with Salah for the first half of the season at Liverpool, before getting transferred to Barcelona, and he partners with Neymar for the national team.

He feels that both the players have the ability to disrupt the dominance of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at the summit of the game.

"It feels like the right moment for ­someone to take their chance at this World Cup," said Coutinho.

"Messi and Ronaldo have been up there on their own for so many years. I think it may be time for other players to aspire to be the best in the world – and the best at this World Cup, too.

"For me, Salah and Neymar have serious chances to do that. It depends on how the tournament goes, of course, but they have the talent to do it. Those are the players I would pick out."

Coutinho, who will visit the Anfield stadium to play a friendly fixture for Brazil against Croatia, have played with Salah for some time and has got enough experience to know that Salah would be a Liverpool favourite in the years to come.

"Watching Mo Salah since then has been amazing," he added.

"He is going to be a player who will be a big hero at Liverpool for a long time, I am totally convinced of that.

"He can do well in the World Cup, too – it all depends on how far his team can go. But we also know what Neymar can bring. He is a special player."