The Liverpool attacker stressed the importance of today’s game as they will take down Manchester City to have the advantage for the second place.


Today the Liverpool side will visit the Etihad stadium as they will play a FOOTBALL MATCH against Manchester City side,

But the Brazilian attacker is eager to taste victory against the Manchester City side and to gain some advantage for the battle for second place.

Right now Manchester City is currently sitting with same points with the Tottenham side on the point table and on the other side Liverpool side is one point aback from them and also played an extra game than both.

Coutinho thinks today’s game will be a scintillating one as both the teams are eager to get the 2nd spot on the table and in the recent past City side faced a defeat in the Champions league against Monaco and they will try to bounce back.

Coutinho said: “It’s going to be a very important game,”

“City is one of the big clubs in England, no doubt about that, and right now we are in a race with them for second place in the table. We need to win it.


“After being knocked out of the Champions League they will be even more focused on the Premier League, so we have to be ready. For us, this match is like a final because we have to beat them to move ahead of them in the table. That’s our aim.”

In this 2017 Liverpool fails to hold on to their form and that curtails their EPL hope this year as they are now way back than Chelsea in the points table, but the Brazilian attacker thinks that they are improving.

Coutinho said:  “The players here are very ambitious and at the start of the season our dream was to win the title. But results have changed things. We are a long way from the top of the league and we are out of the FA Cup too.


“But our challenge now is to finish second in the table and to make sure we are back in the Champions League next year.


“We think we have really serious chances to do that. So we know how important this match is. We know what we can do. This is a club which should be in the Champions League and we want to get there.”