The 24 year old Brazilian international Coutinho signed a new deal with the his present team Liverpool ,but before that Barcelona team shows their interest in this attacking midfielder, but now in Liverpool he wants to build his dynasty.


The youngster reveals that he does not want to join the Barcelona side instead of that he wants to stay in the Merseyside.

 A Few days ago the Brazilian has signed a new contract with the Liverpool side though there was interest from the Barcelona side and many think that at Barcelona he can play with his national team captain Neymar.

The youngster told that he wants to be a part with Liverpool side under the German manager and wants to take back Liverpool where they belong,
He wants to take back them in the old days when they are considered as a dominant team as they were back in the 1970s and 80s.

At that time Liverpool won 11 English first division trophies and European trophies.

In an interview with daily mail he told that: "I believe in finding somewhere you can express yourself, play without fear, play with everything you have,"

"When you find that place, stay.

"This club, Liverpool, it has a plan: to be back on the top, and that's what I believe in. I want to be part of that.

"From the owner, the manager, my team-mates. There is nothing that stops us competing with the big clubs. Clubs in England. Clubs in Europe. Yes, clubs like Barcelona. Why not?

"This is a great club. I remember how helpful everyone was when I first came to England, like a family. They made me welcome, comfortable. They removed any obstacles, they allowed me to think first about football and second about football. I remember that.

"For certain, I am comfortable here, my family is comfortable here. No doubts."

The youngster added the feeling what he felt associate on Liverpool was a huge factor in denote him to penn a new contract.

He added: "There are two parts to this decision [to sign]: first the ambition of the club and then my family," he said. "They are with me.

"Every player here is treated well. The club supports us and allows us to focus on the football. Not just me, everyone. Nothing special for me. There is a structure to help.

"When a new player comes, especially from abroad, they have a team to support the wife, the family. When I go to play, I can concentrate and play. It is professional, professional like a big club."