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In their last match, the Chelsea side faced a setback against the Crystal Palace side but the Italian manager is hoping some positive response from his boys in their next game against Manchester City.


The Italian manager agrees that his side now feeling the heat as they approach so late stage of the season.

Right now the Blues are sitting at the Zenith of the table and they are seven points clear than the second place Tottenham side and they are just in their way to get the title from the Leicester City.

But in their last match, they lost and they lost crucial three points and their advantage of 10 points gap  come down to seven points,

The Blues manager warned his boys that the league is not over yet.
Conte said: "There is big pressure but it is normal when you are in a great club and you are very good,"

"When you are lucky enough to fight for the title there is the pressure but not only for us, for a lot of teams. Do not forget, the other teams were candidates to win the title but instead, we stay top of the table and we try to keep this position. If we were able to keep this position it means we deserve this.


"This league was not finished before Saturday's game and it is not finished now. There are nine games to play and we have to think step by step and at the end, if we deserve to win the title I will be very happy. If someone else deserves to win the title it means they were better than us."

In their next game, the Chelsea side will face the Manchester City side and Conte is looking to return to the winning ways from that match again.

About that game, Conte said: "It is another game, I do not know if it is the perfect team for us,"

"I know that Manchester City started the season to win the title and they are a really strong squad, but it is right to think about ourselves and to face it game by game.

"In England, an easy game does not exist and the game is very tough if the name of your opposition team is City or another team."