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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte threw back some piece of words to Burnley boss Dyche  as he termed Conte’s team as ‘dinosaurs’.



Conte angry on Dyche as he told Chelsea team to be ‘tactical geniuses’ and termed as ‘dinosaurs’. Both were seen in Friday’s match and did not look to be calm as their teams were up against each other at Stamford Bridge.


The three times Serie-A winner and Quarter finalist to EURO 2016 said: There are dinosaurs and geniuses in all departments all over the world – in Italy, England, Argentina, Spain, all over the world,”

“You have to understand who is the dinosaur and who is the genius. That’s what you have to judge. You have to recognise who is the better and the worst and not only with words, but with the facts.”


When Chelsea boss was asked about the matter of ‘dinosaur’ he simply replied: “The other players I have managed and people will judge. It’s important that the players reply to that question, if I’m a dinosaur, genius or in the middle.”

“It’s very difficult to believe in something. I have some targets, and these targets are very difficult to buy. This transfer market is very crazy. After Burnley I hope to have some more players than now before the deadline.”


Italy met with an earthquake where Conte commented: “It’s not a great situation for me, for Italians. It’s very difficult to follow this situation when you are abroad, but I have.”

“I’m very close to the people who had this bad situation. They are in my thoughts.

“We’ve had a lot of dead. I’m very close to the Italian people. Close with my heart. They are in my mind. This a tragedy. It’s not an easy situation.”