The 47 year Old Italian has cashiered suggestions that his crew have been helped a scarcity of midweek action ahead there clash with the Manchester United in this weekend.

The Chelsea manager thinks that not playing European Football in this mid week is not an advantage for the Blues, it will not help them their match against with the Red Devils.

In their last match the Manchester United have won their match against Fenerbahce by 4-1 in the Europa League, the Portuguese will return to the Stamford Bridge after with his new crew, in this weekend.

In their last season Mourihno was the in charge of Chelsea until he was replaced by Guus Hiddink at the mid of the season, but still they managed to finish at the 10th of the table and that’s why they missed the opportunity to play in the Europe in this season.

But Manchester United played yesterday and I watched the game,

" he said to reporters. "I saw maybe four players who will probably start on Sunday. 

"Also, when you have this possibility to play Champions League or Europa League, you can give the chance also to other players who every day in training works very hard. 

"I don't want this type of advantage. This means you don't play in the Champions League or Europa League. I think Chelsea must play during the week this type of tournament. 

"Chelsea, this season, can't do this. This is not an advantage."

In their last four matches Chelsea has faced two defeats and also they managed to win two matches, Liverpool and Arsenal beaten them back to back ways and then managed to win against  Hull City and Leicester City, their manages does not want to end their winning streak.

"It's important – very important," he added. "It's important to continue this way. The last game we beat a good team who, last season, won the title. 
"This was important. But this Sunday we are up against another great team. 

"I want to see progress compared to Liverpool and Arsenal. I am confident about this because I saw fantastic commitment this week."