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The Italian manager of Chelsea thinks that the Brazilian defender will do anything for his team, like painful obstacle as they will go for the title.


Despite knee pain the Brazilian defender is willing to play for his side in their upcoming game and Conte is pleased with that.

In the December the Brazilian defender suffered a hazardous tackle from Manchester City striker and from that he is struggling with his knee problem.

But the Italian boss is impressed how the Brazilian player is passionate about his game and his willing to play the game for them.

Conte added: “I am pleased for his performances because he is showing his real value,"

"It is important for him, for Chelsea, for me. I like to repeat to my players a lot that it takes a lot of time to be something important and only one minute can disrupt all of this.

“It is important to continue in this way, with great focus in every game. Above all, when you are a central defender and you play in the middle, you must pay great attentions because you have to cover at the right moment. To understand the moment, to be aggressive and to cover the others.

"There are some who can live with pain more than others. I think it takes a different person to take the pain in this way. I love the players who show me this type of behaviour, who put the team before themselves."

In their last 20 matches the Blues won 17 of them in all competition and because of that the Blues are sitting at the top of the EPL table and still a contender in the FA cup.

The Italian manager is preparing his side for their upcoming fixture against Burnley and he will try to avoid complacence when his player will play against them.

He voiced: "I like to keep the right tension in my players,"

"Above all, when you are coming in after a good win, you can be relaxed and I try to avoid this and to work with my players to sometimes find a solution to increase tension before the game and during the training sessions.

"This is a path to improve your mentality, to improve your winning mentality. My experience as a footballer is very important, as it is important to feel the moment in the dressing room, if there is the right concentration, I feel relaxed and then I try to find a different solution [to keep focused].