The 47 year old  Italian professional football manager and Chelsea manager acknowledge that right way of the EPL does not depend on the two games and also hopeful that his team will do well.


The Blues (Chelsea) side will travel to the Anfield this Tuesday, while the Reds face defeat in their last few matches and also after that they will travel to the Emirates stadium.

After 22 matches the Blues are sitting at the Numero Uno position at the points table with 55 points and Gunner is sitting eight points aback from them in the second spot and the Liverpool side is further two position aback and they are in the fourth position with 45 points.

But the former Italian coach also persists that he will remain wary of probability pitfalls down the home stretch.

In the pre match presentation he said that: "This week we will face two great opponents and against Liverpool it will be a very tough game, I know this because they come into it after three defeats,"

"We must pay great attention because Liverpool is a really good team and is one of six teams who can fight until the end to win the title or for a place in the Champions League.

"It is a very important week but I know that after these two games we have to play 14 games to finish the championship.

"For this reason, the result is important but these two games do not finish the league."

The Italian coach also thinks that the Reds are still in the hunt for the EPL title and he is unwilling to look at calling time on the German and his crew’s title hope.

He added: "I don't like to reply to questions that start 'if ' or 'but',"

"After this game there are 15 games, there are 45 points before we finish the season.

"The result does not decide the season of Liverpool or Chelsea."