The former Catalan manager thinks that the Italian manager is one of the best coaches around the world.


This Saturday the two heavy weights in the premier league club will face each other and the Manchester City will host the Blues (Chelsea) at the Etihad stadium and this is the first time the two managers will face each other in their carrier.

The Blues won their last seven premier league matches back to back and now they are sitting at the top of the table and on the other hand the Manchester City is just one point away from the Blues and in this FOOTBALL MATCH the Sky Blues (Manchester City) will try to take an home advantage and try to replace them from the top spot.

The Manchester City manager added is a  big admirer of the Italian and he said that:

"Conte is one of the best coaches in the world right now,"

"I learned a lot from my time in Italy. They have no problem staying in the box for 89 minutes and using amazing counter-attacks.

"He made an exceptional job in Turin with Juventus and with the national team as well.

"You realize his strengths in his team. He has won seven in a row, and it shows how good Chelsea are doing.

"They were a contender to win the Premier League from the beginning, now maybe more than before. It's a good test for us."

The Manchester City will try to continue their run as they won their last match against Burnley FC by 2-1, and they will try to improve collect all the three points in their home ground.

And before this big match the Manchester City has a full week off so it is a dividend for them.

The Spanish manager added:

"We were 11, 12, 13 days without a day off. We like to play football, but for everybody, sometimes it's good [time off]. It was good,"

"I like to give days off to the players to think about other things when you have a lot of games in a row.

"That's why we had two days off and were training three days to prepare not only the game against Chelsea but the next ones."