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The Spanish midfielder of Chelsea was lauded by the Blues head coach after this wonderful performance against Middlesbrough.


The Italian manager heaped praise about the Spanish midfielder after his team took another step towards the title.

In that match, Fabregas made his 11th start for the Chelsea in this campaign and he assists two goals in that match and Chelsea comfortably won that match by 3-0 goals against their counterpart.

The Spaniard is the first midfielder who made 10 assist for the in six different EPL season and with that win, Chelsea is now seven points clearer than the Tottenham side and Middlesbrough’s relegation is confirmed.

After the match, Conte said: "Cesc is one of the best examples of our season. This season he didn't play a lot at the start,"

"Then, through hard work, he improved a lot and now he is playing in every game. This development of Cesc is our development.

"We started the season not in the right way, with a lot of problems, and only through hard work and finding the right solutions together have we found the right way.

"I think Cesc is showing he is a fantastic player and I'm pleased for him. I saw this season he put himself in this team in every moment if he played, or if he didn't play.

"Now he is deserving this."

Now with seven points clearer than the Tottenham side and three games to play the Blues can win their title by winning their match against the West Brom on Friday.