The 47 year old Chelsea manager Antonio Conte thinks that the comparison between the two French midfielders is unjustified and wide of the mark.


The Blues boss does not want to compare the two French midfielders because according to him they are very different players.

This season the Blues brought the 25 year old midfielder Kante from Leicester City for £32 million, on the other hand the Manchester United side brought Pogba for a world record fee from Juventus,

And he cost them £89 million.

Questioned asked to the Chelsea manager on Friday that who is the best midfielder among them and he stated that both are very different players and it is tough to discriminate between them.

He voiced: "They are two different players with different characteristics,"

"Paul I have had the opportunity in the past to train, for many years. We are talking about a top player – a top player in all situations, even in his commitment to training.

"He's always trying to improve himself, he has good technique, physically he's strong, great stamina. We are talking about a top, top player."

Last weekend the Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic elbowed Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings and because of that he got banned for three matches,

So in their match against Chelsea he will not be with them.

In absence of Ibrahimovic the French midfielder Pogba may step up and lead his team from the front but the Chelsea manager has some special plans for him ahead of their game.

He elucidated: “We are working to try to find the right solution for the whole team, not only for Paul Pogba,"

"It was the same against West Ham, when we played against Andy Carroll, and there were questions about whether we would try and stop him.

"For sure, we are studying Manchester United to try and find the right solution. Paul is a really good player and we must pay great attention to him, above all when he arrives in the box. But we must think about the whole Manchester United team. They're very strong."