The 47-year-old Italian manager thinks that his side can side still improve their game, despite they are on the course of the gad to the EPL silverware.


The former Juventus coach believes that his side will get even better as his players now continue to adapt his idea and concept, though they are the just standing over the line to win the Premier league title.

Last night the Blues won their match against the Stock City by 2-1 goals and with that win, they move one step forward to win the silverware, they are also in the FA cup semi-final, and in the Premier league only 10 games are r left,

Conte believes that his team now completely able to adapt his methods and as the days past more his team will get better with time.

Conte said: "This season is very important because my players are understanding my idea of football,"

"This season is very important because my players are understanding my idea of football,"

The Blues boss persists that gladness will not be an issue as his team is stepping forward to reclaiming that title; in the 2014-15n season, the Blues won the last title under Jose Mourinho.

He voiced: "We have to always think positive and go game by game,"

"Now there is an international break. There will be a bit of rest for [some] players, the other players go to play with the national teams. Then we start in Cobham.


"It's important to be focused, because we have two games at home against Crystal Palace and Manchester City. It's important to be focused."

The last match the Blues captain Gary Cahill scored the last minute winner for the Blues side and the Italian manager thinks that this kind of victory sums the strength of the squad.

He elucidated: "I think this must be Chelsea's mentality,"

"Don't forget, Chelsea is a great team and must always play to win. For this reason when you play in this type of team you must have, you must build, you must work on this type of aspect.


"Against Stoke, we showed from the start until the end, the will to win the game, not to come for only one point.  We didn't want to manage the situation, we wanted to play the game to try to win, and in the end we deserved to win.


"It is incredible, our path. It is incredible what we are doing. For sure, if we think in the first part of the season, when we started this league. For sure, we put Chelsea with the teams to fight for the title.


"At the start of the season, it wasn’t bad after three wins, then we changed a lot. Now we stayed on top of the table, we are deserving to stay there. I have to tell thanks to my players because they are working a lot. Working hard.


"They trust our football, in our idea. They show in every game a great commitment. Great will to fight. Great will to show we can win the league."