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The blues head coach believes that Tottenham side is more likely the title contenders than Chelsea this season, as he is trying to get rid of the pressure from his boys.


Chelsea will take down Manchester City in their next match at Stamford Bridge but go into the game having lost against Crystal Palace by 2-1 goals.

On the other side, the Tottenham side won their match against the Burnley City by 2-0 goals and collects all the three points from that match and close down their gap with the Chelsea side by three points.

The Blues supremo believes that there is more pressure on the Blues player than the Tottenham players.

Conte said: “It's important to see the result tomorrow,"

"This run must give you enjoyment. It must make you proud to be in this run. Also because I repeat, don't forget nobody thought Chelsea, in this season, would fight for the title. Don't forget this.

"I think the difference between Chelsea and Tottenham is this: if you stay in Chelsea and win it's normal. If you stay in Tottenham, if you win it's great, great, but if you lose… it's not a disaster, no? Not a disaster.

"Because you find a lot of situations to explain a good season. But, I repeat, in this season, us and Tottenham stay at the same level. Chelsea were underdogs at the start of the season, but now we are top and we want to keep this position.”

The former Juventus coach express that there is a similar kind of situation is here what he has come through at Juventus and said that is it tough to win a title in a premier league so early.

He voiced: “In my first season at Juventus, even, we stayed behind and then we overcame Milan and won the title (late on),"

"I repeat, it was a great season because we started as underdogs.

"The second season and third season, I think Juventus showed themselves to be real, really strong. Stronger than the others. The competition wasn't so tough like in England.

"Here, in every game, you must think that anything can happen if you don't face the game in the right way. But not only this: against Crystal Palace, we played a good game with great commitment and great concentration, but we still lost.

"This is the great difference between England and Italy. In Italy, it's easier to manage this situation.”