Conscience is clear over Salah injury:Ramos

Football News: The Madrid captain will play for the first time on English soil after the Champions league challenge on Mo Salah.

Ramos explains about the tackle.

The Spanish captain is worrying any negative relation in respect of his Champions league final Challenge over the Egyptian star of Liverpool when Spain will meet England.

Ramos will face England side for the first time science he led the Los Blancos side in last season’s Champions League final where they defeated Liverpool by 3-1 goals in Kiev, a game wherein the first half scrap saw the Reds star man left the field with Injury.

In the pre-match conference also the centre back avouches that he did not want to harm Salah.

Ramos voiced: "I’m not really concerned about that,"

“I never wanted to hurt a colleague on the pitch of course, so my conscience is really clear about what I did that night. I’m not going to be affected by that at all.


"I know the English fans will treat players as they deserve and I'm not worried about that in the slightest."

Another aspect that highlighted in this week is his relationship with the new Spanish manager, given their previous position on the earlier side of El Clasico.

About this Ramos explained: "Of course, I didn't really know him personally. We had met before as rivals,"

"This first contact this week has been really good and really positive despite speculation of us both having very strong characters.

"In my the experience I have always got on really well with people with strong characters and there have been really good vibes since the first day.

"We have the same objective, which is to take this national team to a higher level. I hope we can absorb all the knowledge that he brings to the team."