Ancelotti says there is no need of replacement for injured Kingsley Coman



Byern Munich is searching a replacement for injured Kingsley Coman but coach Carlo Anecelotti belives, there is no need to hurry to search a replacement right now as they can still fight battles.


Coman gained an ankle injury during the training period on Wednesday and will not be able to enter ground for some unknown time period. The club putting pressure on coach to find a new man in the place of the injured winger but Ancelotti belives that for a single man the whole team cannot down their level and they posses enough man power to fight their rivals.


"I have always said that I do not need any more signings," said Ancelotti in a news conference.


"I am happy with the team I have.


"The players who are injured will be back in two to three weeks. We can wait for that.


"I hope Coman will be back after the international break. A few of the others are close to making their comeback."


The coach also made it clear that the winger evidently pointed his elbow on the face of the face of Felix Passlack in  DFL-Supercup on Sunday.


"I have had a word with Franck,"


"He understood perfectly well what I meant." added the coach.