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The 31 year old French international and Manchester City player enjoying his game Under Pep Guardiola to have a opportunity to play in various positions.


The French international believes that the former Barcelona coach is still adopting the English premier league football.

The Manchester City side is sitting on the third spot on the EPL table they won their last EPL matches against Arsenal and against Watford,

Now they are seven points aback from the League leaders Chelsea,
In the 26 the December on (Boxing Day) they will play their league match against Hull City.

In this season the Manchester City have faced many up and downs under their new coach but in the recent past they defeated the Gunners by 2-1,

after the match they established themselves as a true premier league title contender for this season.

In an interview the Manchester City left back told to Sky Sports:

"I don't think we are playing to the maximum of what we can be,"

"The manager is still adjusting to English football.

"We will have to wait and see [if we have turned the corner]. We do believe that, since the Watford game, something has changed.

"But we realise that sometimes you are not going to win the game 5-0 or 6-0 and having the possession is good, but it's not enough."

The former Arsenal player added: "You often hear people say some games are six-point games.

"Of course, winning does bring you back to the team in front of you and you're not dropping from the first team, which is Chelsea.

"Any time of the season playing against Arsenal is a massive game and you want to win, to win for the fans, to win for you because you play against one of the best teams in England.

"Of course, this time was a major one because we couldn't afford to drop points."