The 65 year old Italian football manager and the current Leicester manager thinks that their fairy tale is just over, and he club manager thinks that they should stick together.


This season the Leicester City is just sitting at the 16th spot on the EPL table and they will play a FOOTBALL MATCH   today against the Manchester United. 

The Italian coach says that the people should return to the reality after their title win on last season.

In an interview he told that: "I can understand what we did last season was something special, a fairy tale. I was waiting for this kind of season last season. Then we made something extraordinary, out of the world. Everything was fantastic, everything was right.


"Everything now is wrong. Now you have to choose; if you are a loser, you say it's gone. If you aren't a loser you fight, you continue to fight, believe.

"I believe we can arrive, we must be together, together with the fans. The fans enjoyed last season and less so this season, but we are a family, we are strong.

"Now is the right time. I think we thought a lot of about what we did last season – everything was fantastic. And then we believed it was possible also this season. No, it's finished. The fairy tale has finished. Now it is the reality.

"If you are a loser in this sport, you are a loser also in life. If you are a gladiator, a fighter in this sport, in life you can be the same.

"The reality must come back, and from two seasons ago, the fighting until the end. I believe because my players are champions, and fighters."

In their last eight matches the Foxes just won one single game of it and today they are going to host the Manchester United.

The 65 year Italian manager says that the club fans and the club owners are behind him and he ruled out the concept that this season they will be relegated, he thinks in football anything can happen as last time they won the Premier league.

About the relegation the manager added: "With how we won the title, anything is possible. But of course I want to see my players fight until the end.

"I don't believe that they don't believe in me. If they don't believe in me, they have to do only one thing, and that is go to the chairman and tell them they don't believe, please change. But I feel we are together.
"And the same from the owners, he supports.

"Everything was OK, full of confidence, now nobody, or very few people, believe in us. Now maybe confidence is very, very low. I don't know if it actually is. My confidence is full, always, more than last season, because it's my character. Under pressure, I don't go down, I go up."