The conversant Chillini is still scared of the fact that the Magical trio of Barcelona can still caught Juventus off guard and snatch victory from Juventus claws.


The Famous trio of Barcelona (MSN) had a pretty rough day when they faced Juventus in the Champions league Quarter final first leg as the Home side stormed into a 3-0 victory and Paulo Dybala outshined that famous trio Barcelona.

But it is not the end as Juventus will now face Barcelona side in their fortress ( Camp Nou) and we can safely assume that Juventus side now has their job cut out for them.

The veteran defender of Juventus Chillini has cautioned his side that Messi Neymar and Suarez are like wounded tigers,and we all know that a wounded tiger is more dangerous than a healthy tiger.

He said so because the horrific memory of PSG being completely blown away in Camp Nou when they played their second leg against Barcelona is still very fresh.

On that day against PSG, Barcelona made one of the most scintillating  come back after being crushed 4-0 in the first leg.

Chillini has warned his team mates that history can repeat itself once again if we don't play to our highest potential.

Chillini voiced: "If we can keep their key players away from the danger areas, press them high up the field and remain compact and organized, it will make life very difficult for them. If we go there, sit back and try to soak up pressure, we will lose,"

"Barcelona have the best frontline in the world and their three strikers are probably three of the top five individuals. They are extraordinary players,

each with their own unique qualities. You prepare for challenges like this by closing the spaces and being brave in what you do.

"These guys are like sharks; if you show a sign of nerves, they smell the blood and finish you off. Instead you have to push them back as far as you can, double up when they are in possession and shut down the lines between defence and midfield.

"If you can escape their press, Barca can struggle with balls over the top into the space behind. Knowing what you need to do though is one thing, producing it when you need to is another thing altogether."