One of the buzzing questions that are going on right now is that can Chelsea pull up itself and go for the final punch as far as title race is concern.

The ex Chelsea manager and Conte’s fellow compatriot Ancelotti thinks differently, he thinks though it is not impossible but it will take some performance  from The Blues to get back on track for the title race.

Though Chelsea had a dream run and finished at the top in 2014-2015,but strangely last year we saw that same team failing to hold on to their title as they had a miserable run and finished 10th in the league.

And adding insult to injury their coach the special one had to go away, this year the Italian Antinio Conte stepped onto his foots  taking the charge.

 This year they started on a fairly high spirit and till now they have won 5 matches out the 8 matches they played and also stamping their authority as a front runner for the title race though they still have a long way to go.

"I think it depends what is the goal of the club," Ancelotti told the Daily Mail when asked whether Conte could be successful at Chelsea. "If the goal of the club is to win the Premier League, it will be difficult.

 "But if the goal of the club is to build a new group, to build a new idea of football, to build a new strategy, I think that Conte has a lot of opportunity to do well at this club."

Italian continued: "Every manager needs time…But I don't think we have a lot of time."

The Bayern boss added: "Conte was my captain at Juventus. He was so professional and I think he is the same as a manager.

"I don't know him really well as a manager but I know his character and his personality and he is really focused on his job and I'm sure in the end he's going to do a good job at Chelsea."