The 34 year old Czech professional footballer has played under both the managers at different clubs, he fells they have the same driving force.

Peter Cech the Gunners goalkeeper fells that his current manager Arsene Wenger and his former club manager Jose Mourinho are more similar when it appears a t first glance.

Mourinho and Wenger have elapsed a difficult relationship since 2004 at Chelsea, they have exchanged some vocal barbs in many situations.

The Czech goalkeeper has played under them and he thinks what makes them so successful is that they both do not want to lose a single match against any other team, they contempt to lose a match.

"Wenger and Mourinho are different but there is one thing they have in common and that is that they do not like defeats,” the Gunner goal keeper said that.

"And I think this is the driving force behind the success of both of them.

"Because you cannot last for such a long time if you do not have the commitment and the hunger and if you are not doing everything to avoid defeat."