The 35 year old Spanish professional footballer and former Real Madrid goal keeper think that the Real Madrid’s fan gone one step further, what is  acceptable by evermore criticizing the 31 year old superstar.


According to the former Real Madrid skipper and goal keeper constantly taunting Ronaldo is a form of madness.

During the prior year the 31 year old Portuguese superstar played some formidable football for his country and for Real Madrid, Madrid has won the Champions League the FIFA Club world cup with them and he has played an instrumental part for them, also for his country he the Portugal side lifted the UEF Euro cup first time under his wing.

Because of his performance, he won the fourth Ballon d'Or, and the FIFA's inaugural The Best Men's prize.


The Real Madrid also creates a history of getting a 40 match unbeaten run, but after their record got broken some part of Real Madrid fans started jeering the superstar.

In their last match the 31 year old Talisman scored a goal and makes an important assist against their Counterpart where they manage to win the match by 3-0.

The 35 year old former Real Madrid goalkeeper also faced the same kind of reactions from the Real Madrid fans at the end of his time with them and now he is confused why the fans are doing this with him, and he thinks fans should support him instead of jeering him.

He added: "These things happen in stages, Cristiano sells a lot, and demands a lot of himself,"

"Along with Lionel Messi he is the best in the world. He has this responsibility.

"As a Madridista, sometimes you don't understand why it can happen. Six months ago Madrid were European champions, one month ago they were world champions.

"He has just won the trophy as the world's best player. Last year I remember a difficult moment before [Rafa] Benitez left. Then at the end of the season they were in the clouds with the Champions League.

"If he scores two or three goals a game, that is just what he is supposed to do. It is madness. You must help him – have people around him and the club who help to protect the players. He must continue trying to be the player he is, the best in the world."

This season the 31 year old superstar has scored 20 goals in his 25 appearances for Real Madrid in all competitions.