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The former Liverpool man has no doubts that the Brazilian attacker Coutinho will want a switch to Barcelona.


The former English man James Carragher believes that the Brazilian attacker Coutinho will desperately want to join the Catalan side.

This season Neymar left the Barcelona side and joined the PSG side for a world record fee and that opened up a free berth in the Catalan attacking line, also reports suggest that the Barcelona side is lined up to hijack Coutinho from Liverpool.

But Liverpool is ready to snub any approaches for him, but Carragher believes that Coutinho still eager to take that place.

He voiced: “I don’t think he’s going to go, but he would want to go. Who wouldn’t want to go to Barcelona?”

“I’m sure whether it’s this summer or next summer Philippe Coutinho will want to wear that shirt and go to Barcelona.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s football.”

Carragher also speaks in the context of the Dutch defender Virgil Van Dijk wants to leave his club( Southampton) in a very public manner, he also criticized the club for spreading the leasing the about his failure to train.

He added : “I think it’s wrong. We’d all be very angry if it was a player at our own club, if I’d played with someone where that was the case,”

“But on the other hand, if you’re looking to move, which he is, what about your fitness levels if you do get that move?

“The frustration for Southampton when you put in a transfer request is that this is for every club, except possibly Real Madrid and Barcelona, there’s a football chain. And if you’re at Southampton and Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester City come in, your player will want to go. 

“Hopefully what Van Dijk has said today is the truth and he hasn’t refused to play in games or train. I accept that from a player but unfortunately for Southampton that is the football chain. Liverpoolare above Southampton, and Liverpool have the same problem with Madrid or Barcelona.”