The 70 year old Italian believes that the new Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane favors the French striker Benzema over the Spaniard Morata because of club president.

The 28 year old French striker starts in the starting line up over the Spaniard Morata only because of he has some kind of close relationship with the club president Florentino Perez.
In this campaign the French star struggling to find his form but the spanish striker has impressed in every match regularly off the bench.

The French coach put the 28 year old French  man in the starting line up over the 24 year old Morata just because to please the club president.

"Having to make a choice between Benzema and Morata is a dilemma every coach would love to have,": Italian told.

"I think Zidane has found the right solution. He starts with the French attacker, mainly because he is the president's darling, and then brings on the Spaniard to decide games.

"I think Zidane's tactics are the best option here. The results are proving him right."

The French striker has netted four goals in his twelve emergences for the Los Blancos side in all the competitions, and in these twelve games he has started nine out of it.

The 24 year old Spanish striker Morata has netted seven goals in his fifteen emergences for his side in all the competitions and in these fifteen games he has started six out if it.