Though there are several big European teams are there in the Champions league but the Italian international says that Barcelona is the most formidable rivals they could have faced.


According to the Juventus goalkeeper, the Catalan giants are the toughest team that they can face in the Champions league quarter-final.

Today the Juventus team will host the Spanish giants at the Turin and they are ready to take avenge from the Spanish side after they lost the final against them in 2015 by 3-1 goals.

Though Buffon thinks that they are much more mature side now but still he knows that they have a mammoth job in front of them.

He said: "I think we know that in these two games we are meeting the strongest team we could face,"

"But it is also true that it is the Champions League and it will be nice to measure ourselves against them.

"I have never seen the final in Berlin again, but I have clear memories of that night which give me reasons to be positive ahead of this match. 

"They were much stronger than us, especially in the way they approached the game. Now we have two more years of experience at this level which allows us to play in such games with a different mentality.

"That makes me cautiously optimistic, even if they are stronger on paper. The distance between them has narrowed."

"We already have clarity about who our opponents are and the ability of the team we will be facing, so it shouldn't take us by surprise," added the Italy international.

"Barcelona are probably the most difficult team to knock out over two legs, because often if whether they win or lose is down to their own performance.

"Barcelona have a philosophy and style of play that has been established for many years and has led to the triumphs and success we all know about.

"We have had a different path in the last 10 years, we have had some difficulties but we are finally back at the forefront where we deserve to stay and where our history says we deserve to be."