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Paul Breitner, Ex German and Bayern Munich star is not fully approved of the methods of Manchester City's current supremo Pep Guardiola.


Guardiola is a living legend as far as coaching is concerned(Barcelona) and his famous innovation (Tiki Taka) was the hot topic of world football at that Juncture.

Time has passed and after all this years his famous style is getting that success that it used to have, he had his fare share of credits during his tenure at Bayern Munich where the Bavarian  managed to win all the three domestic seasons under his reign.

At the same time we have seen Bayern Munich getting deleted from the Champions league picture in all those three season.

Now he is handling Manchester City and the trouble that  he was facing in Germany seems to follow him in England too,

Where he  is facing a very tough time earning positive results for the Sky Blues.

The sky of Manchester City winning the EPL is looking  too cloudy at the moment and there is not much people who are placing their bets for Manchester City favor winning the champions league.

Now Paul Breitner asking questions about Guardiola's method is actually adding insult to his injury.

But to be honest he is also being a bit too harshly criticized because of his not to glorified career in Bayern and Manchester City and all of this is also coming because of Jupp Heynckes who let a very successful Champions league run for Bayern as they ended up winning the 2012-2013 Champions league title whom Guardiola Immediately  succeeds.

He added: "Pep has got a very special way in which he wants his team to play,"

"This works at Barcelona, this worked here at Bayern, [but] it doesn't work that [well] at Manchester where he is now. 

"But his high-speed football and all the things he wanted to or did [perfect] here, or wanted to develop further when he took over from Jupp Heynckes, didn't mean that we won everything while he was here."