Brazil left all teams behind and reached the quarter finals defeating Denmark on 4-0 in Salvador


Brazil went blank after fighting against South Africa and Iraq but they showed their tremendous talent and banishes all their rivals setting up for the quarter finals. Gabriel Barbosa took charge of the first half and Gabriel Jesus’ great moves in the next part took the score over. 

Brazil was in trouble when Neymar picked an ankle-injury but Barbosa, the Barcelona forward continued to score and took the place of the injured player. The host will fight against Columbia in the top eight-squad where as Denmark will play against Nigeria after Iraq drew 1-1 against South Africa. 

Mexico and Argentina went out of the competition on Wednesday as ermany went up. Mexico ended their life in group-C after they were defeated by South Korea in Brasilia now will be fighting against Honduras.

Honduras and Argentina had a drawn match of 1-1 where as Colombia defeated Nigeria on 2-0 on Wednesday on the African-soil in overpowering Japan who defeated Sweden.